“The World Needs You Here”


I have been absent these past few months from this blog and I feel awful about it.

This semester in college and my other commitments have gotten the best of me

I’m afraid. Quite honestly, I enjoy reading so many of your posts and stories and

hope that I can also inspire that same feeling for others. So I promise to have a

post-up next week and look forward to getting back on the platform and being

a part of all of your lives (that of which you choose to share here).

I have accomplished so much these past few months that it’s so surreal.

When I think back to who I was, and what I believed during my heavily

depressive times, I never would have imagined being in the position

I am in today.

Although things are not perfect and the battles are almost never-ending,

for the first time, I am starting to develop a small sense of hope. I know

this journey isn’t easy, and I only hope that for others going through a

difficult time…

please take care. You do not deserve to go through any of it alone.

Although it may not feel like others care about

you, or that you could ever be good enough, I know that there is

a part of you that hopes and wishes for things to

be different, for you to feel different. Please hold on

to that feeling, no matter how painful, hold on to it.

You deserve to feel okay, and I encourage you to take the necessary steps

towards being okay. Reach out to a family member or friend, let out your

frustrations and pain through some form of a  recreational activity, pour

out your secrets, fears, and worries into words on a page or screen so

that you no longer have to carry the weight alone.

Until then, take care.


Some Journaling and Dealing with Challenging Situations


If reaching out for support sounds like something you are considering,

I would like to share a few resources below that may be beneficial.

Crisis text line;

Text home to 741741 anywhere in the US, about any type of crisis.

It is anonymous and provides trained counselors to speak to.;

Is also a beneficial website that can provide many resources such as

finding a therapist, or information on housing, financial, and clinical support.

Or Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for the National Suicide Prevention Line

For those in the UK This website has a few links to other resources available to ya!

This is only a few, but please feel free to comment on any others that you know of that

have and can be useful. I would love to hear your stories and journey towards self-improvement.

Take Care!


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